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Email Legislators

Many legislators take the opinions of their constituency into account when deciding which way to vote on an issue. Taking a few minutes to compose a brief, thoughtful email to your senator may make them think twice, or even influence their vote. Email your Nebraska State Legislator. Email your US Representatives and US Senators.

Legislative Briefings

Do you enjoy research and critical thinking? Omaha Liberty Ladies is looking for individuals who are interested in becoming local experts on upcoming legislation at all levels of government. Briefings consist of a summary of the legislation and a few suggested talking points for those lobbying, emailing or calling legislators about the issue.

Letter to the Editor

It can seem intimidating to send something to a newspaper, but this section is made for people like you to have your voice heard! We recommend you outline 2-4 strong points before you get to writing to help organize your thoughts. Asking a friend to look over the letter before you submit it can ensure your message comes across loud and clear. Remember not to make the letter too long: short and sweet is most likely to get published. If your letter isn’t accepted (as happens sometimes to letters containing the hard truth), consider sharing it on Facebook or sending it to an online news source

Social Media

Social media is such a powerful tool for making people think twice. While it is important not to overwhelm your friends and family with political thoughts, a tactful sharing of an article may encourage those around you to consider a perspective that differs from their own. Share posts by Omaha Liberty Ladies and help share the truth.

Report on a Public Meeting

Have the gift of writing and an interest in local politics? Omaha Liberty Ladies is looking for individuals to attend and report on public meetings to help keep our members and the public informed. 


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