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Call a Legislator

A simple call to your legislator’s office can make a difference. Senators have legislative aides who converse with citizens and record vote requests and major talking points. Most legislators take calls and emails into account when deciding their vote. To call your Nebraska State Legislator, follow the link to To call your US Representatives, follow the link to, and for US Senators follow the link to

Lobby at the Capitol

Have an afternoon free? Head to Lincoln and lobby at the capitol! We recommend you bring business cards and brief summaries of your thoughts on the pending legislation to leave with politicians or their aides, especially if you are unable to chat with the representatives in person.

Call for a Campaign

We all know recorded messages from politicians can get old, fast. If you don’t mind chatting with others and are passionate about a candidate or cause, why not take to the phone? Simply contact a campaign or organization and offer to join their army of volunteers. Your efforts are sure to be appreciated no matter how much time you have to give.


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